After arriving into mainland Mexico we stayed on the coast at Los Ayala for a few nights before we headed in land. We ended up spending a few days exploring the city of Guadalajara enjoying the cool air and art filled streets. Staying in the cities can be difficult due to the size of Buddy... Continue Reading →

Baja to Mexico

After spending the majority of our time beach hoping around Baja we decided it was time to sail across the seas to mainland Mexico. After all August was approaching and we had made little ground so far. Thankfully at this point we had met up with our Kiwi amigos Bronte and Jeremy who also planned... Continue Reading →

Surfing Baja

The majority of our time spent on the Baja coast from June till July was spent chasing waves. We managed to stop at so many places along the Baja coast - Todos Santos, Zippers, 9 Palms was were we spent the majority of our time. TODOS SANTOS Situated on the Pacific side of Baja coast... Continue Reading →

Ted and Deb

How do you start a blog post on two people who opened their home and life up to us for over a week, I’ll never know but let’s start the story. I don’t think we can put into words how much they changed our lives. Every day we are reminded of their generosity and kindness... Continue Reading →

Baja California

One of the most time consuming task and our biggest ongoing discussion is which route we take, when planning Mexico we thought we would skip Baja. I look back on these discussions and think we must of been completely out of our mind, I blame it on the fact we were still working when these... Continue Reading →


When I look back on Trinidad my memory is a little foggy, I think this is due to the amount of rum we consumed over this period or the fact it’s been ages since we went. Not only does Trinidad have amazing churches and history it is also known for its nightlife, which Jake and... Continue Reading →


Interesting fact to know about Havana - It is actually spelt as Habana but also pronounced without the H in Cuba. Havana was our first stop in Cuba, as soon as you arrive into customs you will most likely be amazed at the type of stockings all the Cuban custom offices are wearing. Now I... Continue Reading →

Ryan – Las Vegas

Ryan, where do we start this story. Don't worry ill tell you - a local Las Vegas bar. After working our buts off painting the floors of the van, paneling the doors and creating the cupboards in 40 degree heat we decided we would treat ourselves to some AC and a drink. We drove around... Continue Reading →

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