I have been putting off writing our first blog post, because I didn’t know where to start. I decided there was no better place to start than the bottom of New Zealand.

While waiting on my flat white in Milford Sound I came across a Stewart Island brochure and decided we had to go when I saw the return ferry ride was only $170pp. Thank god I didn’t listen to Jake when he told me I wasn’t allowed a coffee.

After arriving into Bluff the night before we were very grateful to be leaving early the next morning, we timed it wrong as oysters weren’t in season…. have you really been to Bluff if you haven’t eaten a Bluff oyster?? We spent the night parked up in a freedom campsite just before the Bluff sign, peaceful spot with park benches.

We were slightly worried leaving our van on the side of the road whilst we were in Stewart Island and were happy to see secure parking at the Bluff ferry building.

Now on to Stewart Island, it took my breath away the minute I hoped off the ferry. I was not expecting secluded white sand beaches & crystal clear blue oceans.  We were able to pitch our tent at the first back packers we walked into for $20pp, I would recommend pre booking if you do not have a tent as we saw people being turned away when we arrived at 8am.

We decided on walking from Oban to Horseshoe Bay via the coastal track, which took around 2 hours round trip.

The weather started to pack in so we decided it was time to play pool & have some rose.

A must do in Stewart Island is visiting the local pub, we were lucky enough to be there on a Sunday – pub quiz night. We made friends with the locals, scored badly & managed to drink enough wine and beer we somehow forgot our bag. The next day we went back to the pub and found it exactly where we left it.

We cant wait to go back to Stewart Island to do the three day hike to Maori Bay, the only advice I have is watch out for the local bartender he might make you ‘the best cocktail ever’ if the bright blue colour doesn’t put you off straight away the taste might soon after.

J x




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