Two full packed weeks… one very delayed post.

Two fully packed weeks. Where to begin? I wanted to only write a post a week as I thought it would be to annoying for our ‘readers’ if we did more. So much happens in a week I think it’ll have to be more. Sorry in advance.

When I pictured this trip I didn’t think we would spend the first long drive to Whistler with the engine light coming on and shuttering the whole way. But it happened and neither of us cared one bit.

Luckily for us Jake’s bestie Lachie lives the vanlife in Lot 4 of the Whistler carparks and works in a pizza joint. Free pizza who can really complain? Oh and of course catching up Lachie for a whole week.

After trying every mechanic in Whistler and Squarmish and convincing Jake to offer them all a cash job after hours, we had no luck. Jake accidentally rung a panel beater and got recommended Kirk from Pemberton who said we could come tomorrow – hallelujah Kirk. Two hours later of calling randoms from a pizza joint, Jake has finally got over his phobia of talking on the phone…. Phobia or just wants me to do the calling time will tell.

Our Mechanic Kirk from Pemberton is Marty Mathewson’s doppelgänger. If you don’t know him Google him. Only difference is Kirks vice is cars and not burgers.

In Pemberton whilst waiting for the car to be fixed one day (it ended up taking a week due to parts being sourced) we went to the pub where I bet Jake in pool not once but twice. We also got to meet the lovely Michelle – the barmaid from the Pemberton Hotel Pub.

Where do we begin, her son is 24 years old called Jake and is born two days before Jake. She will be our very first feature on ‘The people we met’.

Well after drinking from 12 and ending up very groggy eyed parked up in Michelle’s drive way and a bit bruised we knew that no matter how many car problems we will have it will always lead to something good..

Once the final parts arrived Kirk kindly showed Jake the ropes of our new home and Jake came back to the pub announcing himself as the new mechanic. After a day skiing, two nights camping with Lachie and the three Aussies (Jack, Jordan & Dylan), and asking a bunch of French Canadians at our campsite where in France they’re from, we decided it was time to hit the road.

A Dodge Ram now driving as silent as a Tesla we are on the way to “San Francisco “ said Scott Mckenzie

J x

Snow bunnies with Lachie
From snow to lakeside
Poor buddy…
Kirk from Peberton
Building the bed for buddy
Bed – hand screwed by Jake
Floors in beer time


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  1. Sounds exciting! never a dull moment! Weather looks amazing! Keep the updates coming through as often as you like 🙂 xxxx


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