The people we meet. Michelle.

We decided to start this category because we have met amazing people on this trip.

As I said earlier Michelle has a son called Jakes who is 24 years old and born two days earlier than Jake. What I didn’t tell you is me and Michelle dress the same.

At first we didn’t know this because it was cold and I was dressed up in my Athleisure get up, but as the day went on and the flush of alcohol came over me I had to get changed into something cooler.

When I walked back into the bar rocking my embodied Zara dress, Michelle couldn’t believe it as she had just brought one. Of course she put it on so we could twin all night long.

Must be something with the mothers of Jakes as I seem to be a younger version of them.

As the night progressed we found Michelle driving our van home to her place so we could carry on partying around a campfire with our French flat mates (yes they were from France and not Canada)….. well if our memory serves us well they were. After passing out from the wine (seriously though who can blame me when we started at 12), Jake the champ took one for the team and stayed up drinking with the gang. Jake got a tour around the farm, was served a huge leg of lamb and ate it like it was his last free meal. It will be until we met Gill and Al in Cuba.

Michelle knows how to pour a wine with the tide in so and I woke up felling sorry for myself with a heller bruise. In the meantime Jake woke up with a purple mouth from the red wine he drank with “Oh bear” the owner of house. We woke to find a note on the window saying fresh towels were waiting in the bathroom for us.

Michelle was an amazing host who inspired both of us after hearing how she put her son through college, then quit her job as a PR Manger to live the travel life and is working in bar before she’s off to Europe. Just because she can.

It’s people like Michelle that make travel a dream, three days without a shower we walked away feeling sparkly.


Dancing the night away.. 

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