I thought it was about time I write a post about one of the places we have been so far.

One of the difficulties with living in a large van is navigating the cities, trying to find a park can be expensive and difficult and often leaves us feeling very overwhelmed and desperate to get out.

With this in mind we have ended up spending only one full day in most cities. I know you are all saying ‘that is not enough time!’ I agree however for us right now it seems to be working and we aren’t strangling each other at the end of the day, and believe me this has happened when we try and extend our time in a city.

Since I started traveling I have always had a rule that I like to spend a day minimum in a big city and ensure that there is a stop at a local restaurants/bar to hang out with some locals and chat. Lucky Jake is rather accommodating with this rule and always happy to come along, might just be the beer he knows he’s about to get. Makes a change from the normal warm drinks we are having to endure without a working fridge.

After leaving Vancouver we headed down to Seattle. Our first thoughts off Seattle was that it is quite a cool small city and when on foot was quite easy to get around, as long as you don’t mind hills.

One of the interesting facts we learned about Seattle and if you’ve been to Gastown in Vancouver you will have noticed that there was a lot of similarities. The reason why they have the same look and feel is due to the large fire that happened in Seattle in 1889, after this happened Vancouver offered to show them their brick building techniques to help avoid future fires.

Our favourite part of Seattle was learning that the first level is actually underground this also was created after the fire, when you walk around the street you will see amethyst coloured glass these were installed to give the underground merchants light. We weren’t aware of this at the time otherwise we would have booked the underground tour.

Our recommendations for Seattle.

  1. Do a free walking tour – We managed to sign up to one the night before we arrived. I have always loved doing walking tours as I feel you can learn a lot about the city from the lovely guides. The company we went with were  Settle free walking tours We enjoyed this tour and found it informative.
  2. Seattle Underground Tour – We didn’t get to do this tour but we would have loved to. On this tour you will walk through the underground tunnels and learn all about them Underground Tour
  3. Explore the Public Market – We loved walking through the markets looking at all the beautiful food.
  4. Book a Hotel/Hostel we found this city one of the hardest to find a free spot to camp at night and ended up driving around for a few hours and ending up in a suburban street.

J x

Seattle skyline
Seattle skyline
Chewing gum wall
Marketplace gumwall
Public Market Place
Fishy fishy – Public Marketplace
Merchant Shop
Seattle ‘gastown’ inspired building
The one bar

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  1. Hey you two – sounds as if you are having a great time – although parking your van seems to be a bit stressful – shame, but I guess that’s outweighed by the fun bits? Loving the blog!
    Lots of love
    Ali & bob xxx

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