Big Sur and Sequoia National Park

After leaving Eric and Ray in Yosemite we had planned to head to Mammoth Lakes but decided we wanted to head to the coast in search of some sun and waves!

Both of us had always wanted to drive the coast line of California so decided to take the coast route rather than heading inland.

We stopped over in Santa Cruz for half a day but it was very gloomy and cold so only watched the surfers brave the cold weather wearing wetsuits and booties. Jake decided he was going to be a pussy that day and not hit the waves due to the cold, little did he know it was the only wave he would see until Mexico!

After Santa Cruz we drove to Big Sur oblivious to the fact that the road from Big Sur to LA was closed due to ongoing road works widening the road. On the way through Big Sur we stopped off at a small pub to use their WiFi and charge our laptops and the waiter kindly informed us we wouldn’t be going any further.

Big Sur reminds us both of driving the coast of New Zealand. Spoilt with the beauty of our New Zealand coastlines I loved Big Sur but it didn’t have the impact on me I thought it would have.

You aren’t allowed to freedom camp in Big Sur however Jake thought he’d found the “secret spot” I was however a little skeptical seeing it was a pull out but alas we decided to have dinner and half way through dinner a police officer nicely informed us we had better move on after dinner. Our first and hopefully last encounter with the police!

If it weren’t for the road works in Big Sur we would of had to back track to Sequoia but instead decided to head straight there.

Sequoia National Park is known for its Sequoia’s and Redwoods and definitely does not disappoint.

We were a bit unlucky with the weather and the higher we went the gloomier it got!

A few years ago Jake went on a kayaking trip throughout America and kayaked a lot of rivers within and around Sequoia National Park which made it an extra special place to see. He took me on a tour of all the rivers he previously kayaked, the tours would include the put ins (where he would start a river) and all the waterfalls and rapids we could get to by foot. I’ve always been extremely impressed with his kayaking tales & photos but seeing it in person makes it all feel a little more real and mind blowing! Considering I was scared enough just to get close to the put ins and waterfalls he would kayak, I can’t actually ever imagine paddling down the rivers in a tiny boat! I think I’ll leave the kayaking to Jake and keep my two feet securely on land.

We found a great spot to disperse camp in Sequoia National Park and spent the whole night in the van huddled up as it was freezing! We managed to eat soup for breakfast as we were so cold, I don’t think either of us pictured ourselves wearing thermals and puffer jacket in California but we did.

The next day we went and checked out Big Boy formally known as The Sherman aka The Sherminator definitely a must see.

After Sequoia National Park we hit the road and started driving to LA.


Bixby Creek Bridge
Big Sur pre turn around
Pinnacles National Park – a quick rock climbing pit stop
Big ass tree
Hugging ‘The Sherminator’
Misty Sequoia National Park
Lakeside to a drop in
Hugging Buddy after a steep up hill climb
Soup on a cold morning
Cold morning call for coffees, bloody Mary’s and a fire

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