Las Vegas

Las Vegas has never been a high priority in my travel books as I’ve always thought you need a lot of money while your there, and of course that’s true.

Luckily Jake had been before so we decided to only spend one night in a hotel & the rest just outside Vegas in a dispersed campsite.

After coming from the cool coast of California the 40 degree hit us like a slap in the face. We had been complaining about the cold weather and now we were moaning about the heat. Can’t win.

We decided to have a working bee the very first day we got there at a dispersed campsite – we managed to finish painting the floor, fixing the doors and removing half the storage above the kitchen to create space. Six hours of work called for a few beverages at a local bar!

Parked up at a Village pub we went inside to cool off and manage to sit at the bar and were lucky enough to meet some amazing people. Ryan a Las Vegas resident managed to keep us in fits of laughter while we managed to distract him from the hockey final (sorry) Ryan will be out next feature in the people we met!

After a great night we made it back to our campsite and awoke to a message from Ryan asking if we would like to go to the restaurant his son worked at! Of course we said yes!!

So after checking into the hotel and spending a few hours lounging around it was time to have dinner and walk the Las Vegas strip! Another great night was had until we slowly made our way back home and I slipped over in the lobby whilst Jake was strolling ahead.

Good bye ankle hello nice strangers, not going to lie I didn’t mind the burley men helping me up whilst I was yelling at Jake to wait up I’ve really hurt my ankle.

Looking like I had a hockey ball attached to the side of my ankle we weighed up whether to head to get an X-ray or not after being convinced from friends and family it was the best idea we headed to the Las Vegas Hospital with a suspected fractured ankle.

I’m not sure whether my boots were the cause or maybe savior but it turned out it was only a bad sprain and would require crutches and a splint for two – three weeks.

So we hobbled our sorry asses back to the hotel booked another night then spent the rest of the time either in bed or poolside drinking cocktails.

In hindsight I think if I had to have a sprained ankle anywhere in the world America is a great spot. Every person has been so overwhelming nice holding doors, asking if I was ok and so on.

The best part of having a rolled ankle in America is everywhere you go has ride on carts and if you don’t get one as soon as you go in to the store a stranger will literally tell you to get it or find one for you. Not only do you get to hoon around in a cart while Jake walked beside me I also got to toot at him the whole way around the supermarket or put it in reverse to make a louder more embarrassing sound.

Unfortunately my driving ability of a ride on cart is on par to driving a car and I when I was reversing in Walmart I somehow managed to hit a stand and take Jakes bum out all in the one move! Definitely wasn’t my fault though.

So with a sore foot and a emptier pocket we decided it was time to hit the road and head to Arizona.

J x

Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam
Ryan, Jake and I


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