Arizona you were stinking hot but by far our favourite state we travelled to on our month long trip around the United States.

You see a lot of the images of Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon & Monument Valley – none of them do it justice.

Prior to the trip we had decided these would be our ‘must sees’ and then we would carry onto Bryce Canyon & Zion National Park in Utah. We had been tossing up for awhile whether we could afford to keep travelling though the states or whether we should head south so unfortunately they both got scratched once I sprained my ankle.

We will regret not going to see Bryce Canyon & Zion National park but seeing as I was on crutches we decided it was a blessing in disguise and we should save our money and head south. When I look back on it I think I will regret not going but thought of hiking in over 40 degrees heat makes me quiver given that just sitting in a chair in the sun was hard enough at 8 in the morning.

When driving through the top of Arizona you’ll be blown away by the colour of the dirt & the never ending mountains then by the time you make it down south to the border you are bored out of your mind from staring at the never ending desert and yukas.

Now I know I keep going on about the heat but it was relentless. Im (proudly) half Australian and after spending most of my child hood summers in Melbourne I thought I could hack the 40 degree heat. What I had forgotten is that on days like this we cranked the air con or swam in the pacific ocean which I feel never really heats up.

Here is a little summary of how we survived the endless heat. We didn’t. Some days we had to spend up to 5+ hours in the car with no aircon, unfortunately for us and Buddy when we put it on she starts to over heat.

No aircon + over 40 degrees + over 5 hour driving = to very agitated thirsty kids.

Don’t touch me, don’t breath, don’t ask me a question because I’m about two minutes away from losing my shit. Sums it up pretty well. Oh and after all that hard driving Jake here’s a boiling hot beer! Salud!

There is some very funny side affects of this endless heat, you will go to the library to escape the heat, you will eat out at any restaurant that offers aircon, you will become the local bars biggest customer and most importantly you will visit every McDonalds in Arizona just to escape the heat.

You both will also get up from your car seat looking like you’ve peed your pants requiring multiple outfit changes throughout the day.

Now Welcome to Arizona – I swear we did actually visit our must sees, you will see blog posts about them & in these I will try not to moan about the 40 + degrees heat.

And if you need a little reminder because it wasn’t clear enough in Arizona we spent 7days in 40+ degrees with No Aircon and yes I want a fucking medal.


Recommendations for Arizona,

  1. Do not go when its summer, our recommendations would be to travel just outside of summer. We like the heat & everybody who knows us and reads this would agree however the endless sweltering gets overwhelming as you have read above.Beautiful hikes just seem daunting thankfully my sprained ankle got us out of them.
  2. Pay the money and fly in a helicopter over Grand Canyon. As the states was a last minute add on to our year trip through Central/South America we tried to do it on a budget. We loved the grand Canyon but will definitely plan a trip back when we’re old and not poor.
  3. Must sees – Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Grand Canyon & Monument Valley. I have decided to write a post on each of these as combining them under Arizona doesn’t do it justice.
  4. For the love god get a car with aircon.
Lake Powell
Lake Powell
Lake Powell
Grand Canyon
Horseshoe Bend
Antelope Canyon
Monument Valley




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