Antelope Canyon & Monument Valley

This blog post is two months overdue, the only explanation for this is that we’ve been having to many cerveza’s and building the van.

Antelope Canyon is slot canyon with two levels, we only managed to check out the top level as I wasn’t able to climb down the staircase. I had seen images of Antelope Canyon but they really don’t do it justice, we definitely plan on coming back to Arizona/Utah to do more exploring.

We managed to find a great camping spot just outside of Monument Valley called ‘Goulding’s Lodge’.

Goulding’s Lodge was established in 1930 when Harry and Leone (Mike) Goulding moved to Monument Valley, they established the first Trading post. When the great depression happened Harry went to Hollywood and met John Ford.

After showing images of Monument Valley to John Ford he knew it would be the perfect spot for the his Wild West movies, the cashflow bringing in much needed money for the Navajo tribe.

At the Goulding’s lodge they screen nightly John Ford movies featuring John Wayne, making both our fathers proud know doubt.

We ended up spending a few nights in the area relaxing and lying by the pool, but unlike Forrest Gump when we got to Monument Valley we didn’t decide to go home we decided to head straight down to Mexico.

Our recommendations

  • Book your Antelope Canyon tour well in advance! We booked last minute which was fine but if you want to go around mid day when the sun is at its best you have to book well in advance.
  • Stay at the Goulding’s Lodge accomodation and a history lesson all in one!


Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon
Monument Valley
Monument Valley
Monument Valley
Monument Valley

2 thoughts on “Antelope Canyon & Monument Valley

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  1. Great photos ! You are seeing some of the most beautiful places in Utah.
    Safe travels in your great adventure and of course…..PARTY ON …LOL
    Ted & Deb


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