Interesting fact to know about Havana – It is actually spelt as Habana but also pronounced without the H in Cuba.

Havana was our first stop in Cuba, as soon as you arrive into customs you will most likely be amazed at the type of stockings all the Cuban custom offices are wearing. Now I know this is an interesting point to bring up but the only thing I can compare them to is something a lady would be taking off in the ‘white house’ on Queen Street.

When you walk outside it is just how you picture it vintage cars everywhere – Cadillac’s, Lada’s, Chevy Impala just to name a few. They will all come in the dreamiest colours from white, bright blue or pink, the interiors have all also been beautifully looked after.

Not only can you book tours in these awesome vintage cars you might be able to grab a ride in one when wanting a taxi, just watch out going around a corner a door might unexpectedly fling open and if your not lucky like I was you might just tumble onto the Cuban roads.

The food and drinks in Havana are delicious! The food in Havana is by far the best in Cuba. You can pretty much have what ever you like and it is all very tasty!

The restaurants and bars are all very trendy and you will meet people from all walks of life. You may also agree to come back in 10 days to get a tattoo with a local bartender…. Don’t worry the flight delay meant this didn’t happen.

When we were in Cuba we went to an amazing show called Tropicana which from the looks on Alan and Jakes faces they thoroughly enjoyed having some sexy Cuban ladies shaking their booty’s right in their face or rubbed up onto the back of their head. Unfortunately for us ladies the Cuban men weren’t much to look at even with our wine goggles on. In true Cuban style all guests received a bottle of Havana rum & cigars that surprisingly made it back to our casa unopened.

Havana is a great city to get lost in the colours, history and bars make it my favourite city in Cuba. I couldn’t believe it when we were walking down one of the side streets, I came across a shoe factory! Who would have known?

Before leaving on this trip I thought I would DIY cut my hair, at this point on the trip my hair was almost down to my ass and getting very ratty. Conveniently when we were having lunch a man approached us offering a free hair cut at their hair academy. With my work status being ‘ unemployed broke ass traveller’ Jake was not going to let me miss an opportunity of a free hair cut so I was forced to jump at the chance! By this point Alan was already moving briskly to the hair academy for his free trim.

Well what an experience I never thought I would get a hair cut with an electric razor in Cuba but it happened and turned out surprisingly well. We all managed to walk out of the salon looking younger and feeling a little lighter.

On the next day we went to the Bay of Pigs, The Bay of Pigs is the location where the Americans invaded Cuba 1961. Not only do you get a history lesson we also went snorkleing in a cave and the ocean which was warm and filled with lots of fish.

There is also the most delicious all you can eat buffet down the road which I think was approx. $5 a head + $5 for all you can drink. Jake and I saw the all you can eat as a challenge and almost finished a whole tray of ribs between us whilst managing to try all they had to offer.

On the last day of our Cuban tour we managed to fit in a cigar tour. At the factory we visited there was around 8 different brands being made. We were able to see all the processes of how the cigar is made – from the leaves arriving, being selected & trimmed, rolling and QC checks. This was an amazing experience and also interesting to see the whole process. But for some reason this still wasn’t as intriguing as when I saw an old man casually walking around the rolling room holding an old ladies tit.



  • Go to Havana 68 – This restaurant is delicious!
  • Get lost within Havana it is a very safe city
  • Key activities – Riding in a vintage car, cigar factory tour, Havana Rum tour, Bay of Pigs, Visiting the local museums, Tropicana. We loved all of these activities


Streets of Havana
Streets of Havana
Streets of Havana
Motor bikes are brightly colours as well
Being serenaded by locals
Havana’s Churches
Havana’s churches
Streets of Havana
Streets of Havana
Havana’s vintage cars
Havana’s vintage cars
avana’s vintage cars
Jake and Che Guevara
Streets of Havana
Streets of Havana
Coffee on our Casa’s deck
Cigar factory
Cigar factory



2 thoughts on “Havana

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  1. Loved the colorful photos !! Not to mention the old cars. I have heard that is where all the old Chevy’s went and it looks to be true…lol. Thanks for the info on Havana…great to know. So happy you had a great time and will continue to have a great time on your travels as that is the kind of people you are. What about the beer ??? Was Jake having withdrawals ?? LOL. Stay safe. Love and hugs, Deb & Ted


  2. Loved the blog! Great photos – really makes you want to go there to experience it yourself! Fabulous colours……
    keep it coming…….
    Stay safe – love from Ali & Bob xx


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