Ted and Deb

How do you start a blog post on two people who opened their home and life up to us for over a week, I’ll never know but let’s start the story.

I don’t think we can put into words how much they changed our lives. Every day we are reminded of their generosity and kindness when we look around our home on wheels. Every conversation about our van to other ‘vanlifers’ on this journey has a tale of Ted and Deb entwined in it because we know without a doubt our experience living on the road was changed dramatically from a chance encounter at a mechanic.

Just before our holiday within a holiday with Alan and Gill, Buddy started to shudder. We had been told we may have troubles with a fuel injector up in Canada and it decided to rear its ugly head again in San Jose (and Guatemala!) so we popped into a mechanic when we got back who was unable to do the work but recommended Mike Quades, so off we went.

We ended up spending a couple of days there while the van was getting fixed. On the Saturday a bunch of gringos all started to roll in and we asked for there recommendation on where to find a solar panel. As luck would have it we asked just the right man, Ted had provided most of Baja with solar panels.

Ted told us to come around later in the day which worked for us as we had a few errands to run. The errands took a little longer than expected and it was now late afternoon, we messaged them and hadn’t heard back but thought fuck it let’s go anyway. Just as we pulled into their street I got a message saying “Hopefully I’m not too late, come over there’s cold beers in the fridge for you too!”

We couldn’t of asked for a warmer welcoming – dumplings, beer and a swim in their pool was just what the doctor ordered.

Turns out the Calgary stampede was on the same day and Ted and Deb are avid fans (As Ted is Canadian and both of them have been many times). Jake who went to the Calgary stampede a few years ago was also eager to watch and next thing we know it was 10pm and we were spending the night!

A week later we still had not left. Jake and Ted were busy building the van what started as helping install the solar panel turned into paneling the van, installing fans and sewing curtains. Whilst all this was being done Deb and I spent a lot of time gossiping by the pool and running errands which meant I g.

Before we knew it Jakes bday arrived and we thought it was a great excuse to take Ted and Deb to Mango Deck to party the day away and thank them for their generosity. As locals to Mango Deck they had secretly organized shots for Jake on his bday!

With a heavy heart we decided it was time to leave so after we nursed our hangovers stayed our final night we set of to 9 Palms. Ted and Deb came and visited us while we were out there and brought us some very needed gifts of water and ice! They also got to met all our new friends and we then spent an afternoon eating hot dogs and drinking cerveza’s at a nearby hotel.

Just as we thought they couldnt possible do anything more for us they said we could stay at their new section in Los Ayala’s, which became our first stop on mainland Mexcio!
Disclaimer – my phone lost all its photos so I don’t have many from these wonderful days!
J x
Ted in his domain
Ted showing Jake the ropes
Jake working in the 35+ degree heat
Jake paneling the van
Jake before his shot
Jake before his shot
Mango Deck Celebration
Team photo

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