Surfing Baja

The majority of our time spent on the Baja coast from June till July was spent chasing waves.

We managed to stop at so many places along the Baja coast – Todos Santos, Zippers, 9 Palms was were we spent the majority of our time.


Situated on the Pacific side of Baja coast and often known for its short drive to “Hotel California” thought to be the hotel from the Eagles song “Hotel California”. I ended up digging a little deeper and found out that the hotel had actually been sued as this is not true & they were financially benefiting from the lie.

Todos Santos has dirt roads, tiendas, surf shops, surf lessons all right next to expensive hotels & homes. It was everything I pictured a little surf spot to be but a lot more touristy, I imagined coming a few years earlier would have been vastly different. You can tell it is becoming the hot spot for American tourists.

When we were there it was freezing outside and in the water. The surf was messy and unpredictable, just like I predicted Jake came out completely blue from not wearing his wet suit! Not such a tough New Zealander are we…..

We ended up staying a few nights at Todos Santos and met some fantastic/interesting people. Long time surf bums who insisted we need a gun for safety and surf mag photographs from Costa Rica who snapped photos of our van!

Over the next few days the surf stayed the same the only thing that changed was Jake wearing his 3ml wetsuit. After almost six weeks on the road Jake finally caught some waves giving me a few days of silence, the endless moaning of ‘I just want to go surfing’ had managed to die down.


Located between high rise hotels this white sand surf spot was our next stop on the trip.

We arrived a couple days after a girls surf comp had just been completed. I was sad to have missed this but made up for it in Puerto Escondido where we managed to watch the Mex Pipe Warriors big wave comp.

Zippers is a fast right hand break, you can probably guess this by the name. It is very close to the shoreline and rocks making it a great spot for me to watch.

Finally Jake found what he had been searching for, he managed to spend the majority of the day surfing.

So for over a week we spent our time roaming the streets of San Jose del Cabo and surfing at Zippers.


9 Palm is a right hand point break, good for intermediate to advance surfers. Unfortunately I don’t fall into either of those categories. With the rocks clearly visible and the fear of sea urchins imbedding into my still sore foot I didn’t spend as much time in the water as I would of liked.

We did however manage to time our trip to 9 Palms perfectly with a large swell where it brought double overhead waves so for Jake this meant days on end in the water.

No shade, no access to internet, no shops only surf, sun and making loads of friends. We ended up staying at 9 Palms for well over a week, it’s a long tedious pot holed drive from San Jose Del Cabo but worth every minute.

You need to make sure you have everything you need at 9 Palms because there isn’t a tienda in sight. I’m talking beers, water and food the closest restaurant is 45 minute drive but worth visiting as the view from the pool is insane.

One of the best parts of our 9 Palms experience was making a bunch of friends. We have ended up traveling with a couple of Kiwis (Bronte and Jeremy) for the past 4 months meeting up in a bunch of different locations on this journey, it’s crazy that a chance meeting can turn into endless memories. We also planning on seeing our Argentinian friends when we get down to Argentina!

Zippers – Jake catching waves
Zippers – Jake catching waves
9 Palms
9 Palms
9 Palms
9 Palms
9 Palms
9 Palms


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