Baja to Mexico

After spending the majority of our time beach hoping around Baja we decided it was time to sail across the seas to mainland Mexico. After all August was approaching and we had made little ground so far.

Thankfully at this point we had met up with our Kiwi amigos Bronte and Jeremy who also planned on catching the ferry to Mazatlan.

To cross from Baja to Mexico you need to catch an overnight ferry. A few months prior to us leaving they ran a commercial ferry to Mazaltlan but this had since been cancelled so our only options were going to Topolobompa or Mazatlan on a cargo ship.

Topolobompa is located in the ‘unsafest’ state of Mexico Sinaloa. It is very hard to get a grasp of what is and isn’t safe in Mexico when you see how it is portrayed in the media. We decided to ferry to Mazatlan as this was the cheapest option and the safest.

After spending months in Mexico it saddens us both when people portray Mexico to be extremely unsafe for tourists this is currently untrue unless your planning on joining the cartel. We have slept on the side of streets in multiple locations and at no point have we ever felt unsafe.

The ferry to Mazatlan was going to be an expedition – the language battle and the 18 hours spent on deck was a recipe for disaster. We rocked up ready to roll with limited spanish, we waited in line with all the truckers trying to fit in and go with the flow. Follow the locals and hope your going the right way is how we roll.

After a few hours we then had to board the ferry, Buddy was packed in between all the semis, we migrated into the cabin and then up to the top deck where we spent the remaining hours drinking cerveza’s.

What we hadn’t taken into consideration before we left was how hot it would be at night, all the truckers ended up sleeping in their Cabs with the engine running letting them run there AC all night but for us making it extremely noisy and worried about being overcome with fumes.

With the prospect of having a long hot night ahead of us we thought it would be best to sleep on the top deck of the boat. We found a spot tucked out of the wind, lay a tarp on the ground put down our camping mattresses and that was where we spent the night.

We all woke up after a fairly comfortable sleep with a few sore heads from the beverages consumed the night before. With not to long till we arrived we packed up our things and made our way down to the vans. The ship docked and off we drove! Ready for our next adventure!

J x

Buddy and Rastasafari
Cerveza time
View from the top deck
Where all four of us squeezed on and slept

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