Mexico City

Waking up early is something we have tried to avoid since the start of this trip but wanting to beat the crowds at Teotihuacan meant having to get up at sunrise!

Teotihuacan consists of  the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, Pyramid of the Moon and the Pyramid of the Sun. Not only can you hike to the top of both the Pyramid of the moon and sun, you can also go inside some of the smaller temples and see amazing drawings dating back to pre Colombian times.

When the crowds started arriving we decided it was time to head back to our campsite and try a michelada. Michelada is a mexican bloody mary, the ingredients differ depending on the chef but the essential ingredients are cerveza, hot sauces, lime juice and clamato juice! A drink that was made for Jakey and not me!

With a belly full of  mexican food and michelada’s we decided to hit the road for Mexico City. On the advice of our new amigo’s Sarah and Alejandro we decided to navigate the local roads avoiding the toll rolls. This made for a long journey but worth the $70NZD we saved! Getting to see the other side of Mexico was great; cheaper petrol & veges.

We made it to Mexico City and rugged up to go and explore the city. On the first day we hit the streets checking out the multiple Cathedrals & Mercado’s as the day begun to unwind we decided to meet up with our new amigo’s and head to the ‘floating boats’.

Mexico City was built by dumping soil into water, similar to Venice Mexico has water canals that you can go up and down on in a boat. Speaking from experience Mexico is definitely a lot dirtier than Venice but was a hell of a lot more lively! In true Mexico style the music was blaring, food and cervezas were served and Mariachi bands played!

The following day we went to The National Anthropology Museum nursing a hang over from spending the afternoon drinking on a floating boat then hitting up a local bar. We walked from our camp spot exploring the local parks which was an absolute highlight as we hadn’t been in a park since the states!

I loved Mexico City and wished we had spent longer there. The hardest part and my only complaint with living in a van is trying to explore cities, being a city lover I struggle not having the time to get lost. In some cities like Mexico City we were able to find a safe carpark for you to sleep and leave the van all day but others it can be difficult making us move on quicker than we would have liked.

After Mexico City we were itching to hit the road and head to the Oaxaca Coast line!


Teotihuacan ft. Pyramid of the moon
Teotihuacan – almost the first people here
Mexico City Cathedral
Floating boats through Mexico’s canal
Our captain after a few to many cerveza’s
Floating mariachi band
Regrettable purchase
National Museum of Anthropology
National Museum of Anthropology
National Museum of Anthropology
National Museum of Anthropology – woven art work

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  1. Ted and I climbed the pyramids of the sun and moon years ago. They stopped letting people climb it for about 10 years so we are excited you got to do that. It was amazing from the top of both pyramids. So many places and so little time…believe me we understand. You are making a great effort cramming in as much as you can. Love you guys !!!

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