San Cristóbal

What better way to recover from Dengue than to go to a city full of colour and vibrant people! The city of San Cristóbal is an absolute must see when visiting Mexico; wine bars, the best walking tour, great retaurants and lively streets what more can you ask for.

Surrounded by mountains on all sides of the city and located in Chiapas it was the perfect hideaway to spend a few days recovering. After 6+ weeks of endless sun the cool temperatures was just what we needed, we had planned on staying only three days and ended up staying over 10.

Nestled in all of the colourful streets was endless delicious restaurants and bars. We timed our arrival with our Kiwi amigos already in San Cristóbal and the Aussie group arriving in a few days it meant we were in for a few good nights.

We ended up booking into a hostel for $12 each so we could attend the free cocktail event! Having lost a lot of weight from dengue the cocktails hit me a lot more than normal or maybe it was because they used moonshine. Nursing headaches we awoke in the morning with the exciting news of baby Dario!

With both of us dying to just jump on the next plane just to see him made going to the mechanic even harder. Having to to fight our way through a mexican street festival; costumes included Mexicans dressed up as Arab bombers made for a good distraction.

Finally we had to move on even though we both didn’t want to, we decided we wanted to be in Belize in October so unfortunately we had to leave our favourite city!





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