Agua Azul & Sumidero Canyon

After spending so many days in San Cristobal we decided to go and check out the Sumidero Canyon and Agua Azul waterfall on the way to Belize.

We both felt like we hadn’t seen enough of Mexico’s waterfalls and nature after spending so many weeks along the coast line.

Sumidero Canyon is located just outside of San Cristobal and instead of booking a tour we decided that all of us ( kiwis and aussie bunch) would pile into our van and head there on our own.

After a night out at the local wine bar and nursing hang overs we hit the road. We arrived early and managed to get on a boat within 10 minutes. You spend over an hour exploring the Sumidero Canyon where we got to see our first monkey and crocodile!

Sumidero Canyon claim to fame is that it is deeper than the Grand Canyon, unfortunately Sumidero Canyon water is extremely dirty littered with thousands of plastic bottles. The local government is trying to reduce the waste by hiring staff to pick up the trash from boats.

The waterfalls and wildlife where stunning and by far the best we visited in Mexico. We highly recommend going to the canyon if you have the opportunity too. The whole experience cost less than $20NZD.

We broke up the journey from San Cristobal to Belize by spending a night in Agua Azul. Thankfully we managed to arrive late and get to view the waterfalls without hoards of tourists! I was surprised by the number of stalls and restaurants that lined the falls.

The beauty of Agua Azul is being able to swim in the freezing cold water close to the waterfalls.

Jake ran and dived off a rock and floated down enjoying a few small rapids on the way. Once we had finished swimming an elderly gentleman ( 50+) came up to Jake asking how he knew where to jump and if it was safe to float through the rapids.

Of course Jake said yes and next thing you know he’s flying off the rock and going down stream; loving life!

I liked Agua Azul but if I were to choose between Sumidero Canyon, without a doubt I would choose the canyon. The size of the steep cliffs, waterfalls and wildlife was mind blowing just a pity about the pollution.



Sumidero Canyon
Sumidero Canyon
Sumidero Canyon
Sumidero Canyon
Sumidero Canyon
Sumidero Canyon
Sumidero Canyon
Agua Azul
Agua Azul
Agua Azul

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  1. Loved the pix and we are so excited to be moving to the mainland where seeing all this is possible. You are like our “scouts” checking things out…lol. photos are beautiful and I am sure do not do it justice and seeing things in person is always the best. I am sure you are inspiring others to get out there and see the world as LIFE IS SHORT …..MUST BE ENJOYED. Stay safe and well. Think of you guys all the time and sending love and hugs……Ted & Deb xoxoxoxoxox


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