When looking at the map of Central America we decided we would cross Mexico to visit the small country of Belize.

A lot of people who visit Mexico either choose the Pacific or the Caribbean side to visit due to the size of Mexico. We both felt like if we didn’t go to Belize we would look back stare at the map and ask ourselves why we didn’t bother with the drive.

Even though we both enjoyed our time in Belize I would have to say it is one of my least favourite countries I have been too. Unfortunately this was due to the time of season we went and the cost of the country.  We visited Belize in October which is there quiet season and with the ongoing seaweed epidemic it meant for even less travellers.

Crossing the boarder was an easy process and arriving into and english speaking country was very strange and welcoming. Once hitting the roads we realised we did not have any internet service and had to use a paper map! Oh how times have changed!

Our first stop was Belize City now people tell you this city is a shit hole and well they are not lying. I would not feel comfortable arriving or visiting this city alone, it is suffering from poverty and desperation.

Jake popped out by himself to find an ATM later in the night and within 5 minutes a guy were yelling at him “Hey white boy you want some weed, cocaine?” two minutes down the road another guy yelling out the exact same thing!

We decided to visit Caye Caulker an island which has no vehicles and is known for its beautiful snorkeling, parting and chilled back lifestyle. We loved the island and had a great time. Unfortunately the seaweed epedimic meant that the island stank! The whole one side of island was covered in seaweed that went 100 meters out to sea. It is so sad to see the island like this and hear how it is affecting tourism and getting worse every year. We spoke to a lot of locals and they were all not sure as to what was causing the seaweed to wash up like this but as mentioned early it affected the whole coast line from Mexico to Belize we first saw it in July and four months later it had gotten worse.

On Caye Caulker we went on a snorkel trip where we swam alongside sting rays, sharks and saw our guide dance with an eel! (gross!). The food in Belize was amazing and definitely a highlight with a Caribbean influence it was a great change from tacos.

After spending a night on Caye Caulker we headed back to Belize City to head south. We had planned on meeting our friends further south but after burning through a serious amount of cash we decided to head to Guatemala rather than having to back track.

On the way to Guatemala we decided to visit the Belize Zoo. We loved the Belize Zoo as they only have animals that are local Belize residents that have been rescued from captivity or where injured and can no longer survive in the wild.

The zoo did an amazing job of making the enclosures large and feel like they were in the wild. We were sad to hear how many of these animals were kept as pets in cages.

Unfortunately we only really took pictures from the zoo!



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