Guatemala – Antigua

We stayed in Antigua for almost two weeks enjoying the beautiful cobble stone city which is nestled in between mountains and active volcanos.

Antigua has a camp spot dedicated for overlanders located next to the police station making for a free secure location in the city. The camp site has no facilities but is a big open section and close to all the hostels which you can pay a small fee to use their bathrooms and wifi.

Guatemala is known as one of the hotspots for learning Spanish, since starting this journey we have been trying to learn as much as we can but thought it was best to spend a week at a language school.

This was one of the our highlights on the trip as it gave us confidence in our abilities, increased our vocabulary and gave us a better understanding.

Unfortunately we still have a basic level of spanish and can get by but we both wish we could have spent another 3 weeks at school!

Its funny the amount of people who will say to you ‘Spanish is the easiest language to learn, you guys must be so good by now!’ Well I wish this was true, every country you pass through has a different dialect, slang and accent not to mention the speed of which they speak!! despacio por favor!

I often explain our level of spanish is a travellers level, we can order food, ask for directions, explain our holiday and have childlike conversations with locals. You start to realise how crap you are when you need to discuss a matter outside of the above e.g. mechanical problems.

After spending 8 months we definitely have more compassion and know we need to speak very slowly when english is someones second language.

Aside from attending school we did a few treks around the city and explored the mercado. Antigua’s mercado has to be one of my favourites on this trip so far it was filled with such a range of fruits and vegetables, we were able to pick up fresh berries for around $1 a bag.

Antigua was filled with beautiful cobble streets, colourful buildings, markets and cafes! We would spend hours on end walking around this town. This was by far one of our favourite stops on the way south.


Streets of Antigua
Streets of Antigua
Streets of Antigua
Parks in Antigua
Antigua Mercados
Antigua Mercados
Antigua Mercados
Antigua Mercados
Antigua Mercados
Antigua Mercados
Guatemala’s chicken buses
Guatemala’s chicken buses

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