El Salvador

We ended up spending longer than expected in Antigua due to a rain storm in El Salvador. Our friends had arrived in El Tunco a few weeks earlier and it had rained non stop! The roads had flooded and landslides had occurred, we loved Antigua and even though the weather was grey, we decided to stay there as there was more to do.

Our first stop in El Salvador was in El Tunco located on the coast just outside of San Salvador I was surprised to see the beach was made up of large pebbles! I know it is on the west coast but wasn’t quite expecting the pebbles. After the storm had rolled through the river running into the ocean had made the sea brown, dirty and polluted. All the boys came out of the ocean with tummy bugs and runny nose.

I was blown away from the level of plastics bottles in El Salvador. It is by far the dirtiest country we have been to and broke my heart sitting on the rocks watching Jake surfing surrounded by plastics bottles and starving dogs.

El Tunco was a small beach town that was known for its partying, we had a cool camp spot with our friends and spent a week hanging out in the town.

On Saturday night we decided to hit up the local club so we could ride the local mechanical bull. All of us gringos had a turn and I had won 8 bottles of Smirnoff Ice (cheers to high school bevies) for lasting the longest. At this point we were having a great night, next thing a local lass jumps on the bull falls off and either breaks her femur in half or her whole leg had popped out of her hip. All we know was there was a bone sticking out in places it should not!

After assessing the situation we decided to quickly skull our drinks and evacuate to the next club.

Bronte and Jeremy were staying down in Los Flores and we’d spent a few weeks apart so decided we should hit the road south to catch up with our friends. We piled the aussie boys into the van, quick stop at Wendy’s and then we had arrived into Los Flores.

We have been to small towns before but hadn’t realised how small this place would be. With no ATM anywhere near, Jake and I had to survive on the small amount of cash we had left, luckily there wasn’t a lot to buy.

The further south we headed the cleaner El Salvador got, we spent a lot of time speaking to the owner of the camp ground discussing El Salvador’s economic situation. It was sad to hear how Nicaragua’s civil war had affected the tourism in El Salvador as people were flying direct to Costa Rica skipping both countries.

From El Salvador we headed straight to Nicaragua driving Honduras in one day, we decided to drive straight through Honduras as their isn’t a lot to see on the Pacific side. It would take us over 8 hours to leave El Salvador and arrive at our campsite in Nicaragua. Thankfully we did it in tandem with Bronte and Jeremy making the trip a lot funner!

And just like that we had now driven through 6 countries in 6 months


Punta Roca just outside El Tunco
Punta Roca just outside El Tunco
Punta Roca just outside El Tunco
Los Flores mornings
Los Flores mornings
Los Flores mornings
Los Flores
Los Flores
Los Flores – The last night we were all together
Views over Los Flores
Views over Los Flores

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  1. Your comments on El Salvador were surprising and sad. Plastic is one of the WORST curses on this planet. Gorgeous photos and loved the camp site !!! So cool ! So happy you are still with Jeremy and Bronte ! 6 countries in 6 months…wow !! You have seen and done so much and have managed to relax and really experience each area where I have been. Kudos to you !! Happy trails and stay safe. Much love Deb & Ted


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