Nicaragua – Leon & Sand Boarding

As we were driving through America an uprising against the Nicaraguan government was beginning. Boarders were being closed, tourism was slowing if not stopping and it was looking like we would not be able to drive through.

We were broken hearted to see and follow the uprising that was occurring; local students and journalists were being killed by the government for protesting.

By the time we decided to head to Nicaragua it had been deemed safe for tourists and they were slowly heading back. We arrived into Leon in October. Normally a tourist hotspot booming with culture and activities it was an empty ghost town, it was devastating walking around the streets and all of the businesses and accommodation had been boarded up.

The hostel we stayed at was offering $1USD for a dorm bed if you signed up for sand boarding.  Not one to shy away from adventure sports we immediately signed up. Sand boarding meant sitting on a wooden plank sliding down the side of an active volcano trying to get the fastest time possible.

On the drive to the active volcano you hear stories of people going at crazy speeds 90km+ or being to scared to go and walking back down. Hoping I would not fit into the latter category I decided I would go first so that I didn’t have to much time to think about it.

I had to be the slowest by far at the start, but by the time I had gone over the middle ledge I got a boost of confidence and sped off. Being able to watch everybody come down from the bottom was amazing! Jake was flying down like a rocket and getting the speed wobbles but somehow managed to stay on unlike some of our amigos.

At the end of the day Jake and I were the fastest Chico and Chica and escaped the dreaded ice bucket. It does help when their’s only two girls.

When we got back to the hostel it was time for a few well deserved beers, as the night carried on Jake and Jeremy decided to do a chilli shot competition called “The Lava Shot Challenge”. Jake managed to win this event due to being the only person who could hold down his spew!  He always told me he has an iron gut and finally had the chance to prove it.

Some how he managed to survive the night without burning his butt hole or is esophagus.. All for a silly tank top.

Before hitting the Nicaraguan coastline we decided to add another trek to our belt Telica.


Jake climbing the volcano
Jake and Jeremy
Speeding down the mountain
Winner! (Apologies for the bad photos)
Crater of the volcano
Just after the shot competiton
Jake on struggle street



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