Feeling like we hadn’t climbed many volcano’s in Central America I was on a quest to conquer a few more.

Telica is only an hour outside of Leon so we thought we would battle the dirt road to the entrance so we could watch the sunrise from the top. We had been waned about the conditions of the roads leading up to Telica due to the rainy season. In typical kiwi spirit we saw this as a challenge and made it to the top taking Buddy on her biggest 4wd mission to date! It does help having two kiwi lads egging each other on to see who could drive their 2wd van the best.

It took a bit of convincing to get the team to wake up at 4.00am to set off for the hike, especially as we were too scared to sleep after spotting a local walking around our vans with a rifle. Turns out he was only hunting for food, food that didn’t include us! But from the photos below you can see that the early start was well worth the spectacular views over the mountains.

The hike up the active volcano was about a 4 hour round trip with a slow incline which meant we were back at the vans for an early morning nap. With another self guided hiking mission completed we thought it was time to head to the coast.


img_4953 2
Sunrise over Leon
Steam coming from the active volcano
Four amigos
Steam coming from the active volcano
On the hike down from Telica

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