Nicaragua – Granada + Masaya

On the way down to Popoyo we decided to explore Nicaragua’s cities and lakes rather than rushing off to the coast. Our first stop was lake Apoyo, A crater lake near the Masaya volcano

We found this great lakeside campsite next to a local family. Jake spent the evening learning how to catch the local fish similar to sardines by tossing a net. They ended up being quite good friends and as they said goodnight to one another a plan was made to meet in the morning for coffee. When he arrived in the morning Jake was shocked and regretted agreeing as he turned up at 5am saying “Mr Jacob, Mr Jacob”. Jake rolled out of bed had a quick coffee and just like that they said their goodbyes and he went off to work.

Even thought we had planned to stay another night Jake was eager to hit the swell that was arriving on the coast so we headed off, on the way out we dropped off some of our unused clothes to the family who were extremely grateful. We also traded them a little bit of gas for some delicious freshly squeezed lemonade.

From Masaya we drove straight to Granada, similar to Leon it was empty but it was stunning. I am so happy that we decided to go via Granada as it was filled with beautiful buildings and colourful streets. The Granada Cathedral had the most exquisite paintings on the ceiling and we were lucky enough to see them being painted.

Both of us fell in love with Nicaragua and would love to come back once the tourism is in full force to see the hustle and bustle of these amazing cities.


Jake learning how to fish like the locals
Lake side in Masaya
Granada’s Cathedral
Paintings inside the cathedral
Paintings inside the cathedral
On the streets of Granada


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