Costa Rica

Driving from Nicaragua to Costa Rica was like crossing back into the states. A lot of overlanders don’t like Costa Rica because it is “built up” filled with restaurants, shops and a whole lot of tourists.

But for us we loved Costa Rica, how can you not when you see wild sloths, eat delicious food and shop all in the same day. A trip to the shops was desperately needed after someone literally wore a hole right through their board shorts and left the second pair outside to get stolen!

The only disappointment up until Costa Rica was the lack of wild animals we had seen since leaving Canada (we saw a beer and her two cubs skiing!) the closest we got to seeing monkeys in the wild was from a boat or trees wiggling outside our camp side.

After four hours of driving in Costa Rica we had seen bunches of monkeys and when we sat down for a cerveza and their were monkeys climbing across the power lines.

As we slowly made our way down the west coast peninsula freedom camping and surfing we managed to spot macaws flying in the wild.  During our time on the west coast peninsula we were able to capture some of the most beautiful sunsets we have ever seen on this trip.

Unfortunately we only spent a week on the west coast before we needed to get moving south to Panama. On the way south we stopped off at Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio

Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio is a beautiful national park where you can spend the day exploring the jungle or visiting the beautiful beaches. Unfortunately the weather was overcast and grey the say we went which meant we didn’t head to the beach but spent the day spotting sloths and monkeys.

My growing fear of evil monkeys was only heightened whilst exploring the park when a monkey attacked a lady and stole her bag!

We both would love to go back to Nicaragua and then do a week in Costa Rica for a holiday, both countries were beautiful in different ways. We just wish we had a little more money in Costa Rica to enjoy the many delicious looking restaurants there was.

Beautiful sunsets at Tamarindo
Early morning breaky at Tamarindo
Early morning surf at Tamarindo
Jake surfing at Playa Junquillal
Beautiful sunsets at Playa Junquillal
Beautiful sunsets at Playa Junquillal
Beautiful sunsets at Playa Junquillal
Beautiful sunsets at Playa Junquillal
Beautiful sunsets at Playa Junquillal

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