Panama City

With just over a month left to go in our trip I should be trying to catch up with blog posts or enjoying these last few moments of freeeedom. You might get to see our beautiful faces before we make it to a post about Peru.

I am clearly a few months behind, we left Panama in early December! So these posts might be smaller in writing but I will include more pictures. Let’s be honest its all you really care about.

Panama City, what an interesting place to go to, by far the city with the biggest disparity in wealth. Photos of the below are taken in an area called Casco Viejo. A place I could have spent a week exploring the roof top bars and endless fine dining experiences.

However during our stay in Panama City we also got to explore the other side, a side I hope I never have to go back to.

We needed to visit the Aduana to get our vehicle inspected before we shipped Buddy to Colombia. Without a doubt the Aduana was in the poorest & scariest neighbour hood we both have ever travelled to, so you think San Fransisco/LA is dangesous to walk around because of the druggies? Well this is on another planet.

A week before we had to go to the Aduana another fellow Overlander arrived at 5am ( to be first in line!) whilst parked up a car pulled up and shot a person in the head blood spraying all over his car whilst the police were standing right there. The person who fired the shot then told the overlander and police “you didnt see anything ok”…..

As you can imagine Jake and I decided we would rather risk being slightly late than seeing a person  shot in the head.



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