Panama – Boquete

Our first stop in Panama was the beautiful mountain town called Boquete. Nestled not far from the Costa Rican boarder we decided to stop here so could tackle the beautiful hike to the top of Boquete.

This hike is a rather strenuous day hike of over 30km. By the far the biggest day hike either of us have completed. Most people set off hiking in the early hours (2am!) to make the sunrise but Jake is not overly fond of these ridiculous early starts so we set out off at a more leisurely time of 4am. It meant that we got to view the beautiful sunrise on the way up and only missed it by about 40 mins. Which we were relieved as you can see it was freezing when the sun was out so I wouldn’t have liked being at the top in the dark.

Given the track was an access road to the station at the top it meant you were able to hike quite quickly. On the way down we decided that  we would have a beat as to what time we would get home, the loser would have to cook for the rest of the day. In the end of course I won but in the last 200 meters my knee was hurting so much from going down hill I had to walk with a straight leg! So I think Jake one in the end and well we ended up splashing out on pizza as we were exhausted.

Unfortunately somewhere along the way I picked up a stomach bug and spent the next 5 days sick as a dog and passed it onto Jake!

Made it to the top
Jake ft. some weird animal
Pacific Coast
Pacific Coast
Summit of Boquete
Summit of Boquete
Jake on top of Boquete
Caribbean Coast
Caribbean Coast
Heading down
Heading down

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  1. Hi guys – another amazing adventure! Can’t believe you did 30kms in a day – up that mountain 😱 !! Wow!
    Keep it coming……..
    Ali xxx


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