Panama – Boquete

Our first stop in Panama was the beautiful mountain town called Boquete. Nestled not far from the Costa Rican boarder we decided to stop here so could tackle the beautiful hike to the top of Boquete. This hike is a rather strenuous day hike of over 30km. By the far the biggest day hike either... Continue Reading →

Panama City

With just over a month left to go in our trip I should be trying to catch up with blog posts or enjoying these last few moments of freeeedom. You might get to see our beautiful faces before we make it to a post about Peru. I am clearly a few months behind, we left... Continue Reading →

Costa Rica

Driving from Nicaragua to Costa Rica was like crossing back into the states. A lot of overlanders don’t like Costa Rica because it is “built up” filled with restaurants, shops and a whole lot of tourists. But for us we loved Costa Rica, how can you not when you see wild sloths, eat delicious food... Continue Reading →

Nicaragua – Popoyo

We fell in love with Popoyo the morning after we arrived when we realized we had woken up in paradise. The night before was exhausting we decided that we would take the shorter route to Popoyo not knowing that the drive in fact would take double the time as it was a dirt road. With... Continue Reading →

Nicaragua – Granada + Masaya

On the way down to Popoyo we decided to explore Nicaragua's cities and lakes rather than rushing off to the coast. Our first stop was lake Apoyo, A crater lake near the Masaya volcano We found this great lakeside campsite next to a local family. Jake spent the evening learning how to catch the local fish... Continue Reading →


Feeling like we hadn't climbed many volcano's in Central America I was on a quest to conquer a few more. Telica is only an hour outside of Leon so we thought we would battle the dirt road to the entrance so we could watch the sunrise from the top. We had been waned about the... Continue Reading →

Nicaragua – Leon & Sand Boarding

As we were driving through America an uprising against the Nicaraguan government was beginning. Boarders were being closed, tourism was slowing if not stopping and it was looking like we would not be able to drive through. We were broken hearted to see and follow the uprising that was occurring; local students and journalists were... Continue Reading →

El Salvador

We ended up spending longer than expected in Antigua due to a rain storm in El Salvador. Our friends had arrived in El Tunco a few weeks earlier and it had rained non stop! The roads had flooded and landslides had occurred, we loved Antigua and even though the weather was grey, we decided to... Continue Reading →

Guatemala – Acatenango Hike

Hiking Acatenango to watch Fuego erupt is the must do activity in Guatemala. After having visited South America two years ago and paying a lot of money for guided hikes I was adamant that we would do this unguided. Majority of the treks are well maintained and easily accessible if you have your own camping... Continue Reading →

Guatemala – Antigua

We stayed in Antigua for almost two weeks enjoying the beautiful cobble stone city which is nestled in between mountains and active volcanos. Antigua has a camp spot dedicated for overlanders located next to the police station making for a free secure location in the city. The camp site has no facilities but is a... Continue Reading →

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