When looking at the map of Central America we decided we would cross Mexico to visit the small country of Belize. A lot of people who visit Mexico either choose the Pacific or the Caribbean side to visit due to the size of Mexico. We both felt like if we didn't go to Belize we... Continue Reading →

Agua Azul & Sumidero Canyon

After spending so many days in San Cristobal we decided to go and check out the Sumidero Canyon and Agua Azul waterfall on the way to Belize. We both felt like we hadn't seen enough of Mexico's waterfalls and nature after spending so many weeks along the coast line. Sumidero Canyon is located just outside... Continue Reading →


Not only were we lucky enough to go to Cuba with Gill and Alan we then flew straight to Tulum. We landed in Tulum in June hoping for beautiful beaches and lazying around in the sun. Unfortunately we did not know that the Caribbean side of Mexico and Central America have been suffering from a... Continue Reading →

San Cristóbal

What better way to recover from Dengue than to go to a city full of colour and vibrant people! The city of San Cristóbal is an absolute must see when visiting Mexico; wine bars, the best walking tour, great retaurants and lively streets what more can you ask for. Surrounded by mountains on all sides... Continue Reading →

Oaxaca Coast

The beautiful Oaxaca Coast where we managed to spend over 6 weeks exploring the multitude of beaches... If only the drive from Mexico City to Puerto Escondido was as nice as one of these beaches! I look back on this drive and without a doubt say it was by far the most horrible long ass... Continue Reading →

Mexico City

Waking up early is something we have tried to avoid since the start of this trip but wanting to beat the crowds at Teotihuacan meant having to get up at sunrise! Teotihuacan consists of  the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, Pyramid of the Moon and the Pyramid of the Sun. Not only can you hike to the... Continue Reading →


After arriving into mainland Mexico we stayed on the coast at Los Ayala for a few nights before we headed in land. We ended up spending a few days exploring the city of Guadalajara enjoying the cool air and art filled streets. Staying in the cities can be difficult due to the size of Buddy... Continue Reading →

Baja to Mexico

After spending the majority of our time beach hoping around Baja we decided it was time to sail across the seas to mainland Mexico. After all August was approaching and we had made little ground so far. Thankfully at this point we had met up with our Kiwi amigos Bronte and Jeremy who also planned... Continue Reading →

Surfing Baja

The majority of our time spent on the Baja coast from June till July was spent chasing waves. We managed to stop at so many places along the Baja coast - Todos Santos, Zippers, 9 Palms was were we spent the majority of our time. TODOS SANTOS Situated on the Pacific side of Baja coast... Continue Reading →

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