Baja California

One of the most time consuming task and our biggest ongoing discussion is which route we take, when planning Mexico we thought we would skip Baja. I look back on these discussions and think we must of been completely out of our mind, I blame it on the fact we were still working when these... Continue Reading →

Van life – The build part one!

After five months on the road and living in van I thought I owed you an update on how van life is going. We love it, we’ve loved it since the day we brought Buddy. Our only advice is don’t build a van while being on the move, all those beautiful vanlife images you see... Continue Reading →

Antelope Canyon & Monument Valley

This blog post is two months overdue, the only explanation for this is that we've been having to many cerveza's and building the van. Antelope Canyon is slot canyon with two levels, we only managed to check out the top level as I wasn't able to climb down the staircase. I had seen images of... Continue Reading →


Arizona you were stinking hot but by far our favourite state we travelled to on our month long trip around the United States. You see a lot of the images of Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon & Monument Valley – none of them do it justice. Prior to the trip we had decided these... Continue Reading →

Big Sur and Sequoia National Park

After leaving Eric and Ray in Yosemite we had planned to head to Mammoth Lakes but decided we wanted to head to the coast in search of some sun and waves! Both of us had always wanted to drive the coast line of California so decided to take the coast route rather than heading inland.... Continue Reading →


Like Seattle we had a quick stop off in Portland and like everybody else I know who’s gone to Portland we both fell in love with the city. Initially when we drove through downtown Portland, neither of us really understood the hype. It looked similar to most other cities in America except for the large... Continue Reading →


I thought it was about time I write a post about one of the places we have been so far. One of the difficulties with living in a large van is navigating the cities, trying to find a park can be expensive and difficult and often leaves us feeling very overwhelmed and desperate to get out.... Continue Reading →

The people we meet. Michelle.

We decided to start this category because we have met amazing people on this trip. As I said earlier Michelle has a son called Jakes who is 24 years old and born two days earlier than Jake. What I didn’t tell you is me and Michelle dress the same. At first we didn’t know this... Continue Reading →

Buying a van in BC Canada

After planning to drive down the West Coast of America into Mexico we decided we would buy a van in Vancouver. A couple of reasons we picked Vancouver was we had friends there, the currency is very close to the NZD and the vans were better value for money. We have both travelled a bit... Continue Reading →

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